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In addition to preserving the Estate for the future, the Rougham Estate Trust has been created to promote the following three objects:
Piles of logs in Tinkers Wood


To advance the conservation protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of the Rougham Estate.


The Trust is currently undertaking:


The Trust is taking over management of the Estate's woodlands (650 acres). It is organising conservation projects such as ride widening and has commissioned an extensive survey of the woodlands.

Piles of logs in Tinkers Wood


To advance the education of the public in the subject of the history of Rougham.



The Trust is currently undertaking:


1) Local History (Vox Pop).


2) Tumulus & villa site investigating options of surveying both of these sites using the latest equipment and is actively working to conserve these sites for the future. The trees on the tumulus have already been removed. Their roots system were probably damaging the structure of this ancient mound.





To advance the public education and understanding of classical music to the public and schools.


The Trust is currently undertaking:


The Trust is supporting music education at Rougham VCP School through the provision of musical instruments and funding of music teachers.


“We would like to thank George Agnew and the trustees of the Rougham Estate Trust for their generosity in its funding provision for music at Rougham. This is giving so many more children an opportunity to experience music in a very ‘hands on’ way and enriching their lives.

Sharon Francis, Music Teacher

Music Mark Award
December 2019
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