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Objects: Music

September 2015:
Report from Rougham Primary School for Rougham Estate Trust


We would like to thank George Agnew and the trustees of the Rougham Estate Trust for their generosity in its funding provision for music at Rougham. This is giving so many more children an opportunity to experience music in a very ‘hands on’ way and enriching their lives.


We discussed at great length how the offer of funding from the Rougham Estate Trust (RET) could benefit the children at Rougham school. We felt it was important to formulate a plan that would be manageable as well sustainable over a long period of time. It was decided that we should fill the gaps in the youngest ages in the school and as Year 1 had no specialist music teaching it was agreed that this would be funded by RET. Along with this we looked at instruments that would enhance the curriculum hence the purchase of large bass chime bars and some hand percussion instruments as well as some other musical equipment.


Part of the budget was used to get an orchestra up and running. We purchased glockenspiels, music stands, keyboard power supply packs, treble recorders and music. The orchestra has been a great success and has helped to bring together some budding musicians from those who can read only a few notes to those who are far more proficient. We even have 2 members of staff who have joined.


Our original plan was to start a group of 6 cellists but as it was already nearly half way through the academic year we decided to put this project on hold until this September.  However we directed the funding set aside for the teaching of this class to set up another after school club called 'learning to read Music'. This was extremely popular and the 12 places were filled up quickly. It was real evidence that there is a strong interest to learn music. I would like to add that I believe if there had been a charge for these extra clubs then we would not have attracted such a wide field of children.


We have now spent the allowance set aside to purchase cellos ready to start this September. In fact we had originally asked for 6 cellos but there was so much enthusiasm that we managed to buy an extra 2 instruments as we had spent less on the other musical equipment and had not been successful in organising a music workshop which had been budgeted for.


As we begin our new academic year we have now begun the cello lessons with 8 very enthusiastic 7-8 year olds and have re started the orchestra. In addition I am running a keyboard club.


I hope that this explains clearly to you how we have spent the money and that you will be pleased to hear how your generosity is benefitting so many children at Rougham and giving opportunities to all.


Sharon Francis

Music teacher

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