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Discover footpaths on the Estate

The Rougham Estate Trust and the Rougham Estate generally are lucky to have a rich selection of public footpaths and other rights of way on offer to all visitors, extending to 19 miles in length! Some lie on Rougham Estate Trust land and some on Rougham Estate land. Many cross between the two. All are available for you to enjoy.


Click on the 'boots' image to show you where all the footpaths are. Why not print out a copy or save the web page on your phone and take it along with you on your walk?  Please remember to leave all gates as you find them, stick to the paths, don’t leave litter, keep all dogs on leads and bag all dog poo and take it home with you. Please remember that the more quietly you walk, the more you will see and the more exciting your walk will be. Enjoy!    

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