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News 2021

GA George Agnew; DAC Des Astley-Cooper; AG Allan Gould; CH Christopher Hawkins; KM Karen Murdoch; AW Adrian White



RET Trustee Meeting

Present: GA, AG, CH, KM, AW


RET Accounts for Charity Commission

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First ornamental tree planting scheme at Rougham Hall since 1940

4 February 2021 was a historic day at Rougham Hall when the RET initiated the first ornamental tree planting scheme in the pleasure grounds of Rougham Hall since it was bombed in 1940.

A planting scheme including a Magnolia, an Indian Bean Tree, a Liquidamber, a Judas Tree, a Pocket Handkerchief Tree and a group of Japanese Maples form the first phase of a restoration programme of the hall’s grounds.

Chairman of the Trustees, George Agnew said ‘…until it was bombed in 1940 the grounds of Rougham Hall were famous for their beautiful gardens. We have just taken the first steps to create new gardens here for the 21st century. The original gardens already have superb surviving displays of snowdrops, daffodils and rhododendrons. Our main focus here is on late summer and autumn with a wonderful selection of trees chosen for their flowers and foliage. In the years to come, as the new garden scheme matures, there will be more planting to create something really splendid!’


Photograph by George Agnew of Sean Brinkley and Neil Batchelor planting a Judas Tree.     


Present: GA

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